Dune Messiah Character Descriptions

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Paul Atreides

This character has reigned for twelve years as Emperor. This character has received physical and mental training since birth and is later trained as a mentat.


This character is one of the leaders of a plot against Emperor Paul Atreides and can change appearance at will.

St. Alia of the Knife

This character underwent an awakening in the womb and is a blood relation of the current Emperor.


This character is the Fremen lover of the Emperor, with a strong mind that is eternally unchanged by the luxury around it.

Hayt (a.k.a. Duncan Idaho)

The finest swordsman in history, this character is Paul Atreides' trainer on the planet, Caladan, and his lieutenant after the murder of Paul's father, the Duke, Leto Atreides.

Princess Irulan

This character is the child of royalty and a member of the conspiracy to overthrow Emperor Paul Atreides...

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