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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Cardinal do to the Duchess and her family?
(a) Baptize them
(b) Forgive them
(c) Banish them
(d) Officially marry Antonio and the Duchess, and recognize their children as legitimate.

2. Antonio's murder was:
(a) Not supposed to happen for another 3 weeks.
(b) Accidental
(c) Carefully plotted for years.
(d) Carried out exactly as planned.

3. Where does Ferdinand imprison the Duchess?
(a) The main jail in Malfi
(b) A tower in Rome
(c) His palace
(d) Her own palace

4. Antonio says that he is glad to die when he hears the news of:
(a) The murder of his wife and children.
(b) The Cardinal being named pope.
(c) The new king taking the throne.
(d) His son's plans to marry.

5. What does Delio think of Antonio confronting the Cardinal with the hope of reconciliation?
(a) That they should hire Ferdinand to confront the Cardinal.
(b) That Antonio should not go on such a dangerous errand.
(c) That Antonio should pray at a church first.
(d) That Antonio has also gone mad.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which community members does Ferdinand round up as part of his sister's torture?

2. Ancona is the name of:

3. What do the pilgrims think about what the Cardinal does to the Duchess and her family?

4. What does Antonio think the Duchess's dream means?

5. Why do the pilgrims think what they do about the Duchess's choice to marry Antonio?

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