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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Cardinal do to the Duchess and her family?
(a) Forgive them
(b) Banish them
(c) Baptize them
(d) Officially marry Antonio and the Duchess, and recognize their children as legitimate.

2. When Antonio and Delio are talking about Antonio's plans to confront the Cardinal, something happens that causes Antonio's words to be repeated back to him. What is it?
(a) Nothing happens to cause Antonio's words to be repeated.
(b) A madman walking by who repeats everything Antonio says.
(c) Delio is having problems hearing, so Antonio has to repeat himself.
(d) An echo

3. How do Antonio and Delio decide to test the Cardinal's offer of reconciliation?
(a) Delio will ask Pescara for some of Antonio's former property.
(b) Delio will aks the Cardinal for Antonio's former palace.
(c) Antonio will put on a disguise and see what the townspeople have to say.
(d) They send back a letter to the Cardinal with a trick question.

4. How does the Cardinal believe the Duchess should be punished?
(a) By going into solitude for 1 year.
(b) By having to pay the church as penance for her sins.
(c) He believes she should be forgiven for her sins.
(d) By being banished with Antonio and their children.

5. Although several community members are brought to the Duchess's chamber to torture her, what does the Duchess say they actually do?
(a) Entertain her.
(b) Keep her sane, since she knows she is not as mad as they are.
(c) Allow her to send messages out of the palace.
(d) Provide good conversation.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the executioners enter the Duchess's chamber, what three items do they bring with them?

2. What has the Cardinal convinced the Pope to do with the Duchess's belongings?

3. Antonio says he does not want to live his life "by halves." What does this mean?

4. Julia gives Pescara a letter, which contains a request from the Cardinal. What does it say?

5. What role do the pilgrims play toward the end of the scene where the Cardinal resigns his position?

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