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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What key information does Bosola still not understand by the end of Act 2, Scene 3?
(a) That Antonio is stealing the Duchess's money.
(b) That the Duchess has fled in the night.
(c) That the Duchess and Antonio are married.
(d) That Antonio knows he is a spy for the Duchess's brothers.

2. What rumor is going around the castle and being told by the servants?
(a) That a Swiss man was caught in the Duchess's chamber.
(b) That the Duchess has run away with a secret lover.
(c) That the Duchess has killed herself.
(d) That Bosola and the Duchess have secretly married.

3. When the Duchess tells Ferdinand what she thought of his advice about remarrying, he:
(a) Embraces her in a long hug.
(b) Gets sad again about having to leave.
(c) Gives her a secret letter she should read later.
(d) Shows her a dagger as a threat.

4. What does Bosola suspect is "wrong" with the Duchess?
(a) That she is going to run away.
(b) That she is planning to join a nunnery.
(c) That she is pregnant.
(d) That she is spending lots of money in secret.

5. In Act 1, Scene 1, which of the following men is described as very honest?
(a) Bosola
(b) The Cardinal
(c) Ferdinand
(d) Antonio

Short Answer Questions

1. Antonio and Delio are:

2. How do Ferdinand and the Cardinal learn this new information?

3. What key piece of information do the Cardinal and Ferdinand finally have in Act 2, Scene 5?

4. When Delio and Julia are talking about a potential arrangement between themsevles, who walks in and interrupts?

5. What happens to Antonio as a result of the Duchess's lie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do you think of the fact that Bosola still does not know who the father of the Duchess's children is?

2. How does Antonio react to the news that the Duchess has had a baby?

3. Why is Ferdinand not more admired by the people who work for him?

4. Why did Bosola want to find out what was "wrong" with the Duchess so badly?

5. Who is the symbol of hope for the future at the conclusion of the play?

6. Why does Julia leaves so quickly after hearing that Ferdinand has been upset by a letter?

7. What unique literary device does Webster use to convey what is happening when the Cardinal resigns?

8. Why might Bosola have given Ferdinand the key to the Duchess's room?

9. If Delio, Antonio's closest friend, is working closely with Ferdinand, has he betrayed Antonio and the Duchess?

10. Why does Bosola have such a low opinion of Antonio?

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