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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ferdinand vow as Act 3, Scene 1 concludes?
(a) To be a better brother to his sister.
(b) To fast as punishment for his evil deeds.
(c) To never sin again.
(d) To get a confession from the Duchess.

2. What prized possession does Antonio entrust with Delio?
(a) His family sword
(b) His secrets
(c) His family fortune
(d) A secret letter for the Cardinal explaining everything

3. What reason does Bosola give for being out of his room in the middle of the night (when everyone is supposed to be staying in their bedchambers)?
(a) He wanted to go to the courtyard to pray.
(b) He always takes walks at night.
(c) He had a nightmare and couldn't sleep.
(d) He was trying to get his new baby to go to sleep.

4. After Bosola gives the Duchess fruit that makes her "sick," what does Bosola worry about the fruit?
(a) That it may have been poisoned without his knowledge.
(b) That he didn't give her enough.
(c) That she took all of it, and it was expensive.
(d) That she gave it away to other people.

5. Antonio responds to the Duchess's proposal by saying that:
(a) He is above her position in society, but will think about her offer.
(b) He finds the idea laughable.
(c) He is not worthy of her, but loves and is devoted to her anyway.
(d) He cannot marry someone as old as she is.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bosola treat the Old Lady when he catches her in a hurry?

2. What do the Cardinal and Ferdinand tell the Duchess before they leave to go live abroad?

3. Which of the following characters are all related?

4. After Antonio confronts Bosola outside of the Duchess's room, what does he drop as he walks away from Bosola?

5. Why did Julia really come to Rome?

Short Essay Questions

1. Should Antonio and the Duchess have separated? Why or why not?

2. How does Delio show his support and friendship to Antonio before Antonio leaves to demand a reconciliation with the Cardinal?

3. If Delio, Antonio's closest friend, is working closely with Ferdinand, has he betrayed Antonio and the Duchess?

4. What does the birth of the Duchess's son mean?

5. After she is strangled, the Duchess regains consciousness for a few brief moments. What does Bosola tell her during that time, and why?

6. How does the Duchess react when she sees her husband and children (supposedly) murdered?

7. What does the Duchess tell Antonio about her brothers' reaction to her getting remarried?

8. Why is the Cardinal not more admired by the people who work for him?

9. Delio and Julia ask for the same piece of property. What is Pescara's reason for giving the property to Julia?

10. How does Bosola find out that the Cardinal was behind the scheme to kill the Duchess?

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