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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Antonio announce has been stolen from the Duchess's chamber?
(a) Expensive jewels
(b) Her baby
(c) Her family dagger
(d) Her secret legal papers

2. What is the relationship between the Duchess and Antonio?
(a) They have children together.
(b) All answers listed here are correct.
(c) They are married in secret.
(d) They truly love each other.

3. Antonio tells Bosola that Bosola is the chief suspect in:
(a) The loud singing heard throughout the palace at night.
(b) The theft of the Duchess's jewels.
(c) Being the father of the Duchess's baby.
(d) The theft of the silverware in the palace.

4. When the Duchess leaves after eating the fruit Bosola gave her, she is feeling:
(a) Not very well at all
(b) Very sleepy
(c) Very happy
(d) Very energetic

5. The Duchess proposes to Antonio by:
(a) Dressing up as someone else.
(b) Getting down on one knee.
(c) Asking him to write down her will.
(d) Presenting him with gold.

6. What does the Duchess say to Antonio after eating the fruit Bosola gave her?
(a) That she is happy to be going on a trip.
(b) That she fears she is undone.
(c) That she no longer loves him.
(d) That she thinks her brothers will be arriving soon.

7. The Duchess hires Bosola as:
(a) Her chef
(b) Her guard
(c) Her horseman/stable keeper
(d) Her personal assistant

8. After the proposal, the Duchess and Antonio:
(a) Declare their marriage with Cariola as a witness.
(b) Send Cariola for a priest.
(c) Elope to Paris.
(d) Run to tell her brothers before they've gone too far.

9. Why does the Old Lady return to the scene after the Duchess has eaten Bosola's fruit?
(a) To steal money from people during the chaos.
(b) To get back at Bosola.
(c) To help the Duchess give birth.
(d) To put a curse on everyone.

10. What does the Cardinal try to do to Ferdinand?
(a) Bribe him
(b) Kill him
(c) Calm him down
(d) Kidnap him

11. What secret does Antonio tell Delio in Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) That he and the Duchess have married in secret.
(b) That he is a spy for Ferdinand.
(c) That he is stealing from the Duchess.
(d) That he is secretly a prince.

12. What does Cariola declare after the wedding?
(a) That the Duchess is too young to marry.
(b) That the Duchess married well, because Antonio is very rich.
(c) That the Duchess is a great woman, but that she pities her.
(d) That Antonio will be a great father, and the Duchess a great mother.

13. How does the Duchess describe herself before she exits Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) As very shy.
(b) As growing fat and short of breath.
(c) As very excited about an upcoming party.
(d) As angry because her attendants never leave her alone.

14. What do the Cardinal and Ferdinand tell the Duchess before they leave to go live abroad?
(a) That she should not marry.
(b) That they have already found a husband for her.
(c) That they will send for her within 3 months when they find a husband for her.
(d) That she must marry to reclaim her honor.

15. When the Cardinal and Ferdinand are speaking in Act 2, Scene 5, where does their conversation take place?
(a) The Cardinal's palace
(b) The city market
(c) Julia's room
(d) On the street

Short Answer Questions

1. Antonio first describes the Duchess as:

2. The Duchess believes her reputation to be safe because:

3. Before the play begins, the Cardinal and Bosola knew each other because:

4. Why is Antonio afraid when the Duchess leaves so quickly after eating the fruit Bosola gave her?

5. What reason did Julia give her husband for coming to Rome?

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