Objects & Places from Drums of Autumn

Diana Gabaldon
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Boston 1970s

Brianna lives here and Roger visits for awhile. It is where their love affair starts. This is also where Claire's friend Dr. Abernathy lives and where they all watch the first moon landing.

Inverness 1970s

This is Roger's home and once was Claire's. Brianna and Roger also spend time here. It is here that Roger asks Brianna to marry him and she refuses knowing she still plans to take the trip back through time to find her parents. This is the location of the stone circle, the source of the time travel.

River Run

This is the plantation estate that Jocasta and Hector Cameron built. The plantation produced turpentine for sale.

The Stone Circle

This is the centerpiece of the novel although only physically visited a few times. It is located in Inverness, Scotland; many have been positively and negatively affected by its power.

Fraser's Ridge

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