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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Roger Quincy?
(a) Valerie's friend.
(b) Valerie's half-brother.
(c) Valerie's lover.
(d) Valerie's stalker.

2. Why can't Dimonte and Krinsky grill Roger Quincy?
(a) He is dead.
(b) He runs away.
(c) Myron, his attorney won't allow it.
(d) He already confessed.

3. What does Myron believe about Deanna Yeller and the death of her son?
(a) She blocked out the whole event.
(b) She never loved her son.
(c) She knows what happened the night he died.
(d) Somebody paid her off.

4. What does Bradley Cross tell Myron about Alexander that few people know?
(a) He was robbing the club with Eroll and Curtis.
(b) He was homosexual.
(c) Alexander was not killed at the club.
(d) He was taking drugs.

5. Where does Myron find the two men who followed him in the powder-blue Cadillac?
(a) Outside of Duane's house.
(b) In a strip bar.
(c) On the street where Myron parked.
(d) At his office parking lot.

6. What does Wanda tell Myron on her second visit to him?
(a) Things become more secretive with Duane.
(b) Duane moved out of their apartment.
(c) Duane got into a fight on the phone.
(d) She believes Duane is having an affair.

7. What TV character does Myron compare Pavel's body-guard to?
(a) Jack Lord.
(b) Mr. T.
(c) Kojak.
(d) Magnum.

8. Where was Alexander Cross murdered?
(a) In a riding stable.
(b) On a golf course.
(c) On a boat dock.
(d) At a tennis club.

9. What is Detective Roland's appearance like as Myron meets up with him at Duane's?
(a) He is dressed like a cowboy.
(b) He is in uniform.
(c) He has a suit on.
(d) Sloppy in un-ironed shirt and slacks.

10. What is in Sandy Repo's contract that upsets Myron enough to call the Astros' manager?
(a) Sandy is not allowed to skydive.
(b) Sandy is not allowed to hunt.
(c) Sandy is not allowed to trade teams for ten years.
(d) Sandy is not allowed to auto race.

11. What does Myron claim is the difference between him and the big agencies when talking to the Cranes?
(a) Myron will run errands for Eddie.
(b) Myron's own MBA will help Eddie with his future.
(c) Myron will be at every match.
(d) Myron will make sure that his investments are strong.

12. What does Duane say about his connection with Valerie?
(a) He only heard of her, never met her.
(b) They went to dinner a few times.
(c) They met once.
(d) He watched her play tennis often.

13. What does Courter tell Myron about Cross' killers?
(a) One was in jail and one was killed.
(b) One was in jail and one got released.
(c) Both were placed in jail.
(d) One was never found.

14. With what type of gun was Valerie shot?
(a) Smith and Wesson 38.
(b) 357 Magnum.
(c) Smith and Wesson 45.
(d) 45 Long Colt.

15. What does Dr. Abramson keep repeating to Myron during their session?
(a) "I can neither confirm nor deny that Valerie Simpson was ever a patient of mine."
(b) " I have no comment."
(c) "I don't remember."
(d) " I refuse to talk of this matter."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is waiting for Myron when he arrives back in his office after the incident at the stadium?

2. Who does Myron compare Master Kwon to?

3. Where does Wanda find Myron to speak with him about Duane the second time?

4. According to the novel, what is the difference between street fighting and martial arts?

5. Where does Deanna Yeller now live?

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