Drop Shot Fun Activities

Harlan Coben
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Find a Batman television show and watch it. Write down the names of the actors in the show and the part that they played. Note the actors that have become famous since then.

Errol's Story

Tell Errol's story from what it was like as a black teen in a poor neighborhood, to playing tennis with his cousin at the country club. Make sure you include other events, such as the boys at the club coming to harass them, the police chase, getting shot by the police to laying in his aunt's arms right before his death. Read Errol's story aloud for the class.


Write and elegy for one of the victims: Valerie, Deanna, Alexander, Errol. Share it with the class and explain why you chose to write about that character.

Wanted For Murder!

Create Wanted posters for each of the murder victims: Valerie, Alexander, Errol and...

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