Drop Shot Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Harlan Coben
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Chapters 1-5

• Myron and Win are about to see the U.S. Open.

• As they wait, they play a trivia game about Batman.

• Myron is the agent of the tennis player, Duane Richwood.

• Esperanza, Myron's secretary, calls during the match to let him know that Valerie Simpson has called three times, but did not say what she wanted.

• At the same time, there is a gunshot outside the stadium.

• Valerie Simpson lies dead in the food court.
• Win admits to Myron that he knew Valerie Simpson since she came from old money Philadelphia like he did.

• Ned Tunwell is waiting for Myron when he returns to his office after the shooting.

• Ned is a creep who works for Nike and knew Valerie because she had been a spokeswoman for them.

• Ned tells Myron that the pressure was too much for Valerie and that was why she had her...

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