Dream on Monkey Mountain Character Descriptions

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Basil - This character wears a dark coat and hat and appears when death is imminent for someone in the scene.

Felix Hobain - This character's name is revealed at the end of the story, when it is uttered in someone's sleep.

Josephus - This person suffers from a fever without sweat until another character saves his life.

Corporal Lestrade - This character runs the jail and becomes kinder throughout the play.

Makak - This character is the one who has the dream on Monkey Mountain.

Moustique - This character is a small black man with a pronounced physical deformity in his twisted foot.

Market Inspector Caiphas J. Pamphilion - This character is a law officer who says very little.

Souris - This character is of African descent who has been arrested as a thief and is more concerned with getting his fair share of food...

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