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Prologue Part 1

• The book begins by describing a performance onstage, where a drum sits.

• A dancer and a Figure come onstage and dance in time to the music.

• They move toward two cages on either side of the stage, and eventually light up the cages to show Tigre and Souris inside.

• The chorus sings about a mother whose son is in jail.

• The Corporal brings Makak onstage and puts him in a third cage.

• The Corporal jokes that Makak is the king of Africa and pulls out some rum and a mask with long black hair from Makak's belongings.

• He tells a Biblical story of Creationism.

• The Corporal interrogates Makak and Makak tells him he wants to go home, to Monkey Mountain.

• The Corporal gives each man a drink of rum.

• He goes out and returns wearing attorney's robes, and gives Tigre and Souris towels to use as...

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