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Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask the author if you could interview her.

Books: Sarah Dessen

Read another book by Dessen.


Discuss with a group whether Rogerson received an appropriate punishment for his abuse of Caitlin. Do you think his parents and their money influenced the sentence he received?

Corinna and Caitlin

Write a short story about a reunion between Corinna and Caitlin.


Draw a map of places where characters live, travel, and work.

Fool's Party Menu

Create a menu for the Fool's Party. Be sure to include vegan and vegetarian foods as well as standard party foods.

Silver Necklace

Discuss with a group why Caitlin keeps the necklace that Rogerson gave her?

Rina and Caitlin

Draw a portrait of Rina and Caitlin.


Discuss with a group why Cass did not tell her parents she was leaving.


Make a collage of...

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