Dragonsinger Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why was Menolly's arrival at the Harper Craft Hall a triumphal success?

Menolly had run away from her hold because she couldn't play music, and was told that she could never be a harper because all harpers were men and she is a girl. When Menolly arrived at the behest of the Masterharper Robinton to the Harper Craft Hall to become a harper, this marked a triumphal success in Menolly's life.

2. Who is Master Harper Robinton the son of, and why did this surprise Menolly?

Master Harper Robinton is the son of Petiron who chose to reside at the Half Circle Sea Hold, the place Menolly was from. This is surprising to Menolly as she was a favorite pupil of Petiron, and he had never mentioned that his son had been elected to the position of Master Harper of Pern.

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