Dragonsinger Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. Who is Menolly the daughter of?

Yanis Sea Holder.

2. How many fire lizards did Menolly impress?


3. What person is supposed to be looking after Menolly?


4. Who carried Menolly to bed?


5. What is the name of the gold fire lizard?


6. How does Beauty smell?


7. What was strange for Menolly not to smell?

The sea.

8. Who had been trying to re-impress?


9. What are the names of the green fire lizards?

Auntie's One and Two.

10. What is F'nor's queen fire lizard called?


11. What was it that Menolly was told to remember?

Every Harper on Pern was looking for Petiron's lost apprentice.

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