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A musical instrument that the main character plays most frequently.


This is an object that allows the user to write out musical compositions.

Fire Lizard Eggs

These were taken to the hall for Masterharper Robinton and Sebell.


A deadly spore that falls fairly frequently on the planet.

Meat Scraps

The fire lizards' favorite food.


A boarding house for people to live in that aren't directly apprenticed to the Hall.

Scarred Hand

An injury that prevents the main character's abilities at instruments from being immediately recognized.

Injured Feet

An injury suffered by the main character while fleeing a Fall.

The Fire Lizard Song

This brought the main character to the attention of the Masterharper.

Harper Craft Hall

Where the musicians of the planet are trained.

Half Circle Sea Hold

The place where the main character grew up.


The name of the planet that is...

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