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A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words!

Have each student create a picture of a fire lizard wrapped about Menolly's neck.

Pern vs. Earth.

Compare every animal on Pern to an animal found here.


Create a script for a chapter in DRAGONSINGER.

Menolly's Heart is Stolen!

Create a potential love interest for Menolly.

Piemur Gets a Girlfriend!

Create a love interest for Piemur.

A Letter to Her Parents.

Write an 'in your face' letter to Menolly's parents at the Half Circle Sea Hold.

An Overbearing Masterharper!

Recreate Masterharper Robinton to be a mean and exacting man, and speculate on how it would have affected Menolly's development. Re-write one scene with this in mind.

Pona Stirs Up Trouble...

Speculate on how Pona could continue to cause Menolly trouble in the next book.

Yanus' Reaction to Menolly's Promotion!

Create a section in which Yanus finds out that Menolly...

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