Dragonsinger Character Descriptions

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This character is accompanied by many fire lizards.

Masterharper Robinton

This character is like a headmaster of the Harper Craft Hall.

Master Domick

This is the composition teacher at Harpers Craft Hall and a very talented songwriter according to the main character.

Master Morshal

This character has a dated and sexist view of who should be taught music.


This character takes on a kindly position to the main character right away and is also the headwoman of the Craft Hall.


Although a little mentally challenged, this character is loyal to the main character, their "pretties".


This character is the main character's immediate superior, but also a friend who breaks the ice asking to learn about fishing and the sea.


Although not apprenticed to the Hall, this character tries to make it as hard as she can for the main character while still at...

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