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Chapters 1-2

• Menolly, the main character, is introduced in the first few chapters, and is a quiet, unassuming girl who had been living on her own for some time.

• Previously, Menolly had run away from her Hold because she wasn't allowed to create music, and it was such a big part of her.

• Menolly had written songs and gained the attention of Petiron's son(Menolly's previous master), the Masterharper of Pern, also known as Robinton.

• Menolly had been brought to the Harper's Craft Hall, a place where she will be trained to be a Master Harper and revolutionize the people of Pern.
• Menolly, not used to being the center of attention, finds herself the subject of a vast amount of attention from her peers, as the harpers had been searching for Petiron's lost apprentice.

• When Menolly sings with her fire lizards, she finds herself even more the center...

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