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Solace - One of the last remaining places of beauty on Krynn.

The Inn of the Last Home - This is where the companions meet after five years of being apart.

Chicken Feathers - The addle minded mage turns himself into this accidentally.

Blue Crystal Staff - This device is utilized by Riverwind to prove the ancient god's existence, to no avail.

Solamnic Knights - Although fallen into disgrace, one character vows to restore honor to these.

Draconians - These are scaly creatures that look like human sized lizards who, when killed, their bodies turn to noxious gas, or stone, or explode.

Constellations - These go missing, much to the chagrin of the chief's child and the mage.

Herbal Mixture - This is taken for a bronchial infection one of the characters perpetually has.

Dragonlance - This is only mentioned, but seems to be the only...

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