Dragons of Autumn Twilight Fun Activities

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A Kender for Me, A Kender for You!

Imagine a kender in your group of friends. What kinds of adventures would you have, if you had someone who was unfailingly optimistic in your group? How would it affect the group dynamic in your circle of friends?

Casting Call!

Imagine you were going to make a movie of Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Who would you cast for the roles and why?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Pt 1.

Create an image of your favorite character in the story.

Tas and _____?

Create a love interest for Tasslehoff Burrfoot that he encounters along the way of the mission and the considerations he has in staying with the mission or staying with the love interest.

A Bride or Groom Gift.

Create a bride or groom gift under the same parameters of the Que-shu people; it cannot be purchased.

Oh For Your Own Dragon Steed!

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