Dragons of Autumn Twilight Character Descriptions

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Tanis - This character is the seeming leader of the companions and is often from whom the point of view comes during the story.

Goldmoon - The child of a chief of a barbarian settlement.

Raistlin - A mage who is often sickly and overly negative.

Caramon - Twin to the mage, this character is a warrior with a love affair with food.

Tasslehoff Burrfoot - This character is perpetually childlike in looks and attitude, often the hope of the group.

Flint Fireforge - This character is deathly afraid of water.

Sturm Brightblade - This character has vowed to restore the honor and dignity of the Knights of Solamnia.

Laurana - A very beautiful elven maiden, this character is in love with the main character in the story.

Riverwind - A barbarian warrior and stoic protector and love interest of the chief's child.

Kitiara - Although...

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