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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Meron give as the reason that Robinton supports Benden Weyr?
(a) Lessa is his daughter
(b) F'lar is is bastard son
(c) it's the richest one
(d) he's in love with Lessa

2. What have they decided to do about Brekke's loss of her dragon?
(a) send her to Southern
(b) give her a fire lizard clutch
(c) let her impress another one at Benden
(d) execute Kylara

3. What does Meron decide to do with his fire lizard?
(a) send him back to the south
(b) give him to Brekke
(c) give him to Kylara
(d) send him to the Red star

4. What does F'nor come in with when F'lar is holding a meeting?
(a) word that Southern has stolen women from Benden
(b) a message from Robinton
(c) 5 dragon eggs
(d) 23 fire lizard eggs

5. What has N'ton volunteered to do while F'lar is recovering?
(a) sneak into the south for more grubs
(b) assassinate Meron
(c) assassinate Kylara
(d) lead Benden Weyr

Short Answer Questions

1. What color do brides on Pern wear?

2. Who gets in a knife fight at Telgar?

3. What does Brekke tell F'nor when he realizes she's a virgin?

4. What kind of dragon does Benden send for Robinton?

5. What does F'nor decide to do to stop Meron?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some of the changes in people's locations after T'ron's and F'lar's fight?

2. Why does F'lar want F'nor at Benden?

3. What happens when the queen egg hatches?

4. What does Robinton see when he first arrives at the wedding?

5. How does Meron criticize Robinton and what is his reply?

6. What does Brekke do first after T'kul departs for Southern?

7. How does F'nor feel and Canth think when Brekke has a difficult time after being with F'nor?

8. What is Jaxom thinking and feeling before going to the hatching?

9. What happens to the little egg Jaxom touched and what does Felessan tell Jaxom?

10. What happens during the fight between Prideth and Wirenth?

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