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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of what are Asgenar and Bendarek convinced by F'lar?
(a) to use more sand worms
(b) to string the distance riders everywhere
(c) to use grubs in the north
(d) to breed more fire lizards

2. Why did the ancients warn to "watch for the grubs?"
(a) they eat thread
(b) they are bad for crops
(c) they injure livestock
(d) they give people illness

3. Who is acting leader of Fort Weyr right now?
(a) N'ton
(b) F'nor
(c) P'zar
(d) T'kul

4. What has N'ton obtained for F'lar's experiment?
(a) a sandworm
(b) thread
(c) fire lizard eggs
(d) grubs

5. Why is Jaxom afraid he harmed the small egg he touched?
(a) it's not rocking
(b) it has not gotten bigger
(c) the dragons are ignoring it
(d) it is blue

Short Answer Questions

1. What has T'kul announced he would do to any intruders at Southern?

2. What does Meron decide to do with his fire lizard?

3. Why didn't the ancients migrate across the planet?

4. When does Brekke say Wirenth will rise?

5. What does Brekke tell F'nor when he realizes she's a virgin?

Short Essay Questions

1. What scares Jaxom when flying to Benden?

2. What does Brekke do when F'nor kisses her?

3. How is T'bor reacting to his new post?

4. How does Masterfarmer Andemon react to the grubs and what do they decide?

5. What does Lessa see when she looks in the telescope?

6. How does Meron criticize Robinton and what is his reply?

7. What happens to the little egg Jaxom touched and what does Felessan tell Jaxom?

8. What does Robinton see when he first arrives at the wedding?

9. What do Canth and F'nor find at the Red star?

10. What does T'kul do at Southern and what does F'lar suggest to F'nor?

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