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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are F'nor and Canth looking for a candidate?
(a) F'nor can hear who is good
(b) Canth has a knack of spotting them
(c) F'nor is being guided by a dream he had
(d) Canth has premonitions about where to go

2. What does F'lar think is the difference between Oldtimers' dragons and modern ones?
(a) his talk more
(b) his are stronger and more intelligent
(c) Oldtimers' dragons are better trained
(d) the modern dragons throw more fire

3. Why is F'nor stabbed with a knife?
(a) he was stealing food
(b) he got in a fight over a woman
(c) he never got stabbed
(d) he was breaking up a fight

4. What does Terry say about the old records and help with their problems?
(a) there is no help from them
(b) there is some help from them
(c) they are a lot of help
(d) they address the questions but no solutions

5. Where does F'lar suggest help translating old records might be found?
(a) the Oldtimers
(b) some of Robinton's apprentices
(c) the women in Benden Weyr
(d) the children in school

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Fandarel suggest talking to about fire lizards?

2. What does F'lar consider the most important point of the meeting?

3. Why does Jaxom think some of the walls they run by are ancient?

4. How does Kylara view being a queen's rider?

5. How does Prideth feel about the fate of the clutch of lizards Kylara gave Meron?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kylara feel when she finds a fire lizard nest and what does she plan to do with them? Why?

2. What does Terry tell F'lar about the old records and what does F'lar suggest?

3. What does F'lar find when he visits the Smithcrafthall?

4. What does F'nor think about Brekke and why?

5. What does Mnementh do before they go home and what happens when F'lar and Mnementh go home?

6. Why is F'nor and Canth sleepy?

7. What does Jaxom notice about the weyrs when the boys are lost and what do they find?

8. How does F'nor impress a fire lizard?

9. How does Kylara impress a queen fire lizard?

10. Where and how does Felessan take Jaxom when Jaxom visits Benden Weyr?

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