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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does F'lar decide to mount watches everywhere?
(a) to watch the oldtimers
(b) to look for new dragon riders
(c) to look for new dragon eggs
(d) to track the shift in Thread pattern

2. What does Kylara order Meron's staff to provide for the fire lizard eggs?
(a) soft wrapping
(b) water and ice
(c) hot sand and meat
(d) fruit and vegetables

3. Why are F'nor and Canth looking for a candidate?
(a) Canth has a knack of spotting them
(b) F'nor can hear who is good
(c) F'nor is being guided by a dream he had
(d) Canth has premonitions about where to go

4. Who does Fandarel suggest talking to about fire lizards?
(a) F'nor
(b) Kylara
(c) the Masterherder
(d) Brekke

5. What does Lord Groghe neglect around his living areas?
(a) nothing, he's meticulus
(b) keeping it thread clear
(c) removing greenery near his habitations
(d) keeping clean water nearby

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is F'lar hung over at the beginning of Chapter 7?

2. What does F'lar notice during the threadfall on Southern?

3. At Fort Hold, what does Lord Groghe has every inhabitant doing?

4. What does F'nor want Mirrim to do?

5. Why do some Ruathans hate F'lar and Lessa?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Brekke think about women and fighting dragons?

2. What do the adults who find Jaxom and Felessan find and see when they go in the room where the boys are found?

3. What does F'nor think of Brekke's dragon's upcoming mating flight and how does she feel?

4. What are some of the changes F'lar has implemented about dragons?

5. What does F'nor think about Brekke and why?

6. What is Lord Groghe having his people do and why? What is he ignoring by doing this but what obligation does he fulfill?

7. What does Jaxom notice about the weyrs when the boys are lost and what do they find?

8. How do Kylara and Prideth feel about T'bor?

9. What does Terry tell F'lar about the old records and what does F'lar suggest?

10. Where and how does Felessan take Jaxom when Jaxom visits Benden Weyr?

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