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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of dragon does Lord Asgenar have?
(a) red
(b) gold
(c) green
(d) brown

2. What does Terry say the Oldtimers only remember?
(a) fighting thread
(b) how to breed fire lizards
(c) how to breed dragons
(d) more dragon riders

3. What does Jaxom find when he and Felessan are wandering the caves?
(a) an underground river
(b) a hidden entrance to Felessan's room
(c) a crack in the wall and a square plate
(d) fire lizard's eggs

4. What does Kylara tell Meron to picture when he is tired of waiting for the eggs to hatch?
(a) having his lizard attack his enemies
(b) arriving at the wedding with one on his arm
(c) mating with hers
(d) being able to have control over a beast

5. What are F'nor and Canth looking for around various holds?
(a) a rider candidate for a golden egg
(b) a wife for F'nor
(c) a way to kill thread easily
(d) a way to stop thread

6. Why does F'lar say they should be grateful to the Oldtimers?
(a) for staying in the south
(b) for not killing F'nor
(c) for keeping Beth from rampaging
(d) for their knowledge and work

7. In the end what do the members of the meeting decide?
(a) Terry was being harmed
(b) F'nor was defending Terry
(c) Terry and F'nor caused a "disgraceful public brawl."
(d) F'nor helped the situation

8. How do dragons get matched with their human companions?
(a) impressed at hatching
(b) assigned by the dragon master
(c) the human talks the dragon into it
(d) the dragon's mother chooses the human

9. Why is some of the data lost from old records?
(a) the ink has faded
(b) the paper has blackened
(c) skins have disintegrated
(d) the writing is unknown

10. Who does Fandarel suggest talking to about fire lizards?
(a) Kylara
(b) F'nor
(c) Brekke
(d) the Masterherder

11. Where do Felessan and Jaxom go when they run off?
(a) to see Felessan's living quarters
(b) to see dragon eggs
(c) to get something to drink
(d) to find fire lizard klutches

12. What aggravates F'lar's facial wounds as he returns home?
(a) the driving rain
(b) the salty fog
(c) the sun on it
(d) the cold of between

13. How does Kylara feel about finding a nest of fire lizard eggs?
(a) sad
(b) frightened
(c) exultant
(d) anxious

14. Why are F'nor and Canth looking for a candidate?
(a) F'nor can hear who is good
(b) F'nor is being guided by a dream he had
(c) Canth has a knack of spotting them
(d) Canth has premonitions about where to go

15. What does Kylara tell Meron's men to do with the lizards
(a) put a net around them
(b) sing to them
(c) take them outside
(d) feed them until they go to sleep

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is F'nor worried about Kylara being gone with Prideth?

2. What does Kylara order Meron's staff to provide for the fire lizard eggs?

3. How does Kylara view being a queen's rider?

4. Who is Kylara' s elderly servant?

5. What does Terry say about the old records and help with their problems?

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