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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does S'goral demand about the two queens fighting?
(a) that queens never be together
(b) that Brekke be punished
(c) that Kylara be put to death
(d) that Kylara be punished

2. What does F'lar plan to demonstrate at the Telgar wedding?
(a) the way fire lizards go between
(b) the telescope
(c) how dragons can fly better in formation
(d) the distance writer

3. What does F'nor want Mirrim to do?
(a) cook better food
(b) impress a fighting dragon
(c) marry him
(d) impress more fire lizards

4. What happens to Brekke when Wirenth takes Prideth between?
(a) she becomes paralyzed
(b) she screams and kills a rider
(c) she dies
(d) she faints

5. What is the name of F'nor's queen fire lizard?
(a) Tabor
(b) Hratll
(c) Grall
(d) Nanoth

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does F'lar take some of the southern grubs?

2. What do F'nor and F'lar do with the grubs F'nor brought back from Southern?

3. Why didn't the ancients migrate across the planet?

4. Who are the parents of Brekke's dragon?

5. What does F'nor regret when talking to F'lar when they are thinking about options?

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