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An "area of nothingness and sensory deprivation."


Named after the mythical Terran beast they resemble, they are a species native to Pern, believed by some to have evolved from tiny fire lizards through the process of selective breeding.


A phosphine-rich mineral that dragons chew to produce flame.


Places where the common folk live, they are autocratically ruled by hereditary "Lords" and bound to the Weyrs that protect them from Threadfall.


A medicinal salve used as an anesthetic, particularly to reduce the pain caused by contact with Threads.


The third world of the golden star Rukbat, is a lush, beautiful pastoral place inhabited by humans.

Red Star

Not a true star but a stray planet captured by the gravitational tug of the star Rukbat.


A golden G-type star in the Sagittarian Sector, it has five planets, two asteroid belts, and a stray...

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