Dragonquest Fun Activities

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Potential Dragon Rider

You are a potential dragon rider. Choose which dragon you would like to bond with and explain why.

Master Harper

You're the master harper of Pern and want to make a dragon rider do his job better. Compose a song that will do that.


Use the information given about dragons in this book to create an encyclopedia entry about dragons: their habitat, appearance, behavior, diet and so forth. Don't forget to include a picture!


Chose another student and interview him/her as if he/she was one of the characters in the book.

Travel Agent

Chose the best spot on Pern for a vacation and convince a family to travel there.


You are looking for ancient artifacts. Describe five objects you've found in a cave.

Letter Writer

Write a letter from Brekke to Wirenth following Wirenth's death.


Put Kylarra on trial...

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