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Essay Topic 1

The society in Dragonquest appears medieval and lacking in most technologies.

1. Name ten technologies you think might be lacking in a medieval setting.

2. How do you see the arrangement of government and living as being medieval from the glimpses of them in the first chapter?

3. What parts of the Pern society do you think a medieval person from earth might recognize?

Essay Topic 2

F'lar and Lessa are "permanently attached" and well matched to lead Benden Weyr. She has one natural child, who according to Pernese tradition, is brought up by a foster mother.

1. What do you think are the reasons for fostering one's children with another family in the type of world that Pern is? Use examples from the Pern society to support your answer.

2. How would you feel if you had to leave your home at a young age and foster in another home? Use...

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