Dragonquest Character Descriptions

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He is the protagonist of Dragonquest. He rides the mighty bronze dragon, Mnementh.


Raised in an agricultural community, she is recruited by F'nor Wing-second of Benden Weyr, and Impresses a golden queen dragonet, Wirenth.


The Wing-second of Benden Weyr, he is the half-brother of the Weyrleader F'lar, and his right hand man.


The preening, ambitious, selfish Weyrwoman at Southern Weyr, is a Telgar by blood, the full sister of Lord Holder Larad.


The Dragonwoman of Benden Weyr, is the sole surviving member of the proud bloodline of Ruatha Hold.


The Masterfarmer of Nerat Hold, he has always believed - and acted on that belief - that grubs must be exterminated.


A brown-colored dragon ridden by F'nor, Wing-second of Benden Weyr, he is the largest, strongest brown on the planet Pern.


The massive and intelligent Mastersmith at Smithcrafthall, Telgar Hold, comes...

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