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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mr. Hawkins?

2. What causes Dracula to go into a "demonic fury" while he is watching Harker shave during Harker's first visit to Dracula's home?

3. What gift of protection is Harker given during his initial voyage to conduct business for Count Dracula?

4. What is the status of Holmwood's father's health while Mina is in Budapest?

5. How does Lucy look when Professor Van Helsing arrives to examine her after she has been bitten?

Short Essay Questions

1. What two classic traits of a vampire does Dracula demonstrate in Chapter 4 (when Harker first begins to try to escape from Dracula's castle)?

2. What initial impression does Dr. Seward's description of Mr. Renfield leave with the reader?

3. What does the letter from the Budapest hospital say about Harker's condition?

4. What about Lucy's nighttime behavior during Mina's visit is so troubling?

5. What does Harker tell Mina that his experience at Dracula's castle done to him?

6. Why does Renfield manage to get a rare night of sleep after being stabbed?

7. What causes Renfield's outbursts as Lucy lies dying?

8. How does Dracula respond to the crucifix Harker wears around his neck?

9. As Harker is about to be seduced during his captivity by the three female vampires, what is he thinking of that makes him feel a bit guilty?

10. What was the West's view of Eastern Europe at the time Dracula was written?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the recurring themes in the novel is the conflict between good and evil. Is Dracula a truly evil character? Does he have any redeeming or good qualities? Present an argument supporting or arguing against Dracula being a purely bad character, making sure to cite specific details from the text to support your position.

Essay Topic 2

Write a paper that critically examines what happens to Lucy in the novel. Is her murder justified? Could her death even be considered a murder? Was it the only option? Was it an act of love or an act of despair -- or both? Would you have done the same thing to her? Would you have wanted your life to end the way hers did?

Essay Topic 3

Choose three instances of foreshadowing that happen within the first three chapters of the novel and describe which future event that each predicts/foreshadows.

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