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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What route does the team decide Dracula will take back to his home?
(a) The shortest route so he can get home faster.
(b) The same route he took to come to London.
(c) The longest route so he can attack the most people on the ship.
(d) A route that the team would never suspect.

2. What big project are Seward and Mina working on?
(a) A monthly newsletter for the asylum residents.
(b) A research journal about tuberculosis in London.
(c) A very large, elaborate funeral for Lucy.
(d) A chronology of events relating to the vampires.

3. What do Van Helsing and Seward discover in Lucy's tomb the first time they visit it?
(a) That Lucy's coffin is empty.
(b) That Lucy's tomb has been robbed.
(c) That a dummy has been put in the coffin instead of Lucy.
(d) That someone has been leaving letters for Lucy inside the tomb.

4. How does the vampire-hunting team manage to clear the chapel of the animals that have suddenly appeared?
(a) The animals suddenly disappear on their own.
(b) With fire from their torches.
(c) With the dogs they brought along.
(d) They end up chopping them up with their swords.

5. How does Seward explain Lucy's lack of decomposition to Van Helsing?
(a) He can't explain it.
(b) He says that they just don't notice anything because they both love her.
(c) He says she hasn't been dead that long.
(d) He says its because it's very cold.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Renfield and Mina's initial conversation like?

2. What does the group fear will happen to Mina if she dies before Dracula is killed?

3. When does Mina's psychic connection to Dracula lessen?

4. Where do Van Helsing and Seward stop before heading to Lucy's tomb?

5. When Seward, Van Helsing, Holmwood, and Morris go to Lucy's tomb, what do they find inside her coffin?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Mina and Holmwood agree to share their diaries with Seward?

2. How does Van Helsing explain what a vampire is to Seward?

3. After Mina learns of her psychic connection to Dracula, why does she excuse herself from learning more about the vampire-hunting team's plans?

4. Who ultimately kills vampire Lucy?

5. What tools does Mina use to deduce where Dracula goes once he is back on land?

6. How does Seward react to the idea that Lucy is a vampire after her death?

7. What does Mina tell the vampire-hunting team she sees the first time she undergoes hypnosis?

8. What does the mark on Mina's head from the holy wafer symbolize?

9. How is the vampire Lucy killed?

10. Why does Seward agree to share his diary with Mina?

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