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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Harker include in the letter he is forced to write while a captive of Dracula's?
(a) Money to help pay for his escape.
(b) Code with directions of finding Dracula's home.
(c) A secret plea for help.
(d) A separate letter for his fiancée.

2. During their late night chats when Harker is being held hostage, what country's laws does Count Dracula seem particularly interested in?
(a) America's.
(b) Transylvania's.
(c) England's.
(d) Romania's.

3. How does Harker attempt his first escape from Dracula's home?
(a) By sneaking out in the middle of the night.
(b) By digging a tunnel out of his room.
(c) By making a run for it on horseback.
(d) By climbing down the castle walls.

4. What frequent activity do Lucy and Mind engage in during Mina's visit?
(a) Taking frequent walks.
(b) Getting pedicures.
(c) Cooking big meals together.
(d) Writing letters to their fiancés.

5. Who volunteers to help with Lucy's third medical treatment at the hands of Professor Van Helsing?
(a) No one, only Van Helsing.
(b) Harker.
(c) Holmwood.
(d) Mina.

Short Answer Questions

1. During Harker's captivity in Dracula's home, what two items does he toss out of a window (for the gypsies)?

2. What does Mina do to keep Lucy from sleepwalking again?

3. What is the state of Count Dracula's home at first glance?

4. How does Stoker convey the events of what happens in Chapter 1?

5. What does Dracula do once Harker finally arrives?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why doesn't Harker want Dracula to know that he is afraid of him while being held captive?

2. How does Lucy respond to the transfusions that Van Helsing orders?

3. What does Harker's choice to give Mina his journal demonstrate?

4. Who is Mr. Swales?

5. What was the West's view of Eastern Europe at the time Dracula was written?

6. What does the letter from the Budapest hospital say about Harker's condition?

7. What does the Russian ship's log say has happened to the crew?

8. What two classic traits of a vampire does Dracula demonstrate in Chapter 4 (when Harker first begins to try to escape from Dracula's castle)?

9. What disturbing sight does Harker see outside of his window during his captivity at Dracula's home?

10. Why is Dracula's lack of a reflection in Harper's shaving mirror particularly symbolic and important?

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