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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the novel opens, where is Jonathan Harker traveling from?
(a) Transylvania.
(b) Munich.
(c) London.
(d) America.

2. What does Professor Van Helsing decide must be done as a treatment for Lucy?
(a) She can eat nothing but vegetables for a week.
(b) She needs to be on bed rest to protect the baby.
(c) She must be force-fed.
(d) She needs blood transfusions.

3. Whose marriage proposal does Lucy accept?
(a) Arthur Holmwood's.
(b) Mr. Quincey Morris'.
(c) Dr. John Seward's.
(d) She accepts no marriage proposals.

4. What is the status of Holmwood's father's health while Mina is in Budapest?
(a) He has tuberculosis.
(b) He is dying.
(c) He is very ill with a bad heart.
(d) He is going insane.

5. After Harker realizes he is being held captive at Dracula's home, what country's history does the Count stay up late talking to Harker about?
(a) England's.
(b) America's.
(c) Romania's.
(d) Transylvania's.

6. What major weather event occurs while Mina is visiting Lucy?
(a) A tornado.
(b) An earthquake.
(c) A terrible storm.
(d) A fire storm.

7. What are Lucy and Mina writing letters about before Harker returns to town?
(a) How they wish they had boyfriends.
(b) Their upcoming marriages.
(c) Their annoying children.
(d) The increasing price of bread in the market.

8. What does Van Helsing place around Lucy's neck during and after her treatment?
(a) Garlic.
(b) A crucifix necklace.
(c) A thick scarf.
(d) A large jewel.

9. What country does Dracula tell Harker he is planning to move to during Harker's first visit to his home?
(a) England.
(b) Germany.
(c) Austria.
(d) America.

10. Who does Renfield keep claiming to speak to during his escape from the asylum?
(a) Harker.
(b) God.
(c) An angel on his shoulder.
(d) Someone named "Master."

11. Who volunteers to help with Lucy's fourth medical treatment at the hands of Professor Van Helsing?
(a) Dracula.
(b) Van Helsing.
(c) Harker.
(d) Quincey Morris.

12. What strange ship does Mina see entering the harbor while she is visiting Lucy?
(a) An American cruise ship.
(b) A small rowboat full of lots of people.
(c) A Russian ship.
(d) A ship with Harker's family crest on the mast.

13. What happens to the urgent telegram that Van Helsing sends to Seward?
(a) The messenger is a vampire.
(b) It is gibberish so Seward can't respond.
(c) It gets too wet in the rain to read.
(d) It goes astray.

14. How does Stoker convey the events of what happens in Chapter 1?
(a) Through Dracula's perspective.
(b) Through Dracula's journal entries.
(c) Through the journal of Harker's personal servant.
(d) Through Harker's journal entries.

15. Who proposes marriage to Lucy?
(a) All of these answers are correct.
(b) Mr. Quincey Morris.
(c) Arthur Holmwood.
(d) Dr. John Seward.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is St. George's Day first described in the novel?

2. Who volunteers to help with Lucy's second medical treatment at the hands of Professor Van Helsing?

3. How is Dracula carried out of the castle after Harker attempts to kill him the first time?

4. Where are Harker and Mina living when they return from Budapest?

5. How does Lucy look when Professor Van Helsing arrives to examine her after she has been bitten?

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