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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After what event does Mr. Swales die?
(a) Mina's wedding.
(b) The funeral for the sea captain.
(c) Easter.
(d) Lucy's wedding.

2. Who does Renfield keep claiming to speak to during his escape from the asylum?
(a) An angel on his shoulder.
(b) Someone named "Master."
(c) God.
(d) Harker.

3. When Dracula and Harker first stay up all night talking, what causes Dracula to abruptly end the conversation?
(a) The sunrise.
(b) He gets angry at one of the servants for dropping something.
(c) He has another meeting to go to and has to leave early.
(d) He spills coffee all over himself and decides just to go to bed.

4. Who is forbidden to kiss Lucy right before she dies?
(a) Holmwood.
(b) Seward.
(c) Harker.
(d) Van Helsing.

5. Who volunteers to help with Lucy's fourth medical treatment at the hands of Professor Van Helsing?
(a) Quincey Morris.
(b) Harker.
(c) Dracula.
(d) Van Helsing.

6. What items does Harker use the first time he tries to kill Dracula?
(a) A broken piece of wood.
(b) A crucifix.
(c) A shovel.
(d) A gun.

7. What is the state of Count Dracula's home at first glance?
(a) It is amazingly beautiful.
(b) It appears to be run-down and in ruins.
(c) It comes in and out of view, like magic.
(d) It seems small and unimportant.

8. What does Van Helsing ask from Seward after Lucy's death?
(a) Seward's help and loyalty in the coming days.
(b) Seward's help sneaking the body out.
(c) Seward's money to help pay for the funeral.
(d) Seward's secrecy about why she died.

9. Where does Count Dracula live?
(a) On a farm.
(b) On a ship.
(c) In a castle.
(d) In a defiled church.

10. Who comes to see Lucy right before she dies?
(a) Holmwood.
(b) Van Helsing.
(c) Dracula.
(d) Mina.

11. Who reveals to Dracula that Harker has tried to communicate with people outside of Dracula's home?
(a) Dracula's coach driver.
(b) The woman doing Harker's laundry.
(c) Dracula's servant.
(d) The gypsies.

12. What kind of feeling is overwhelming Lucy while Mina is in Budapest?
(a) She is worried because she has no feelings anymore.
(b) A sense of happiness.
(c) A feeling of being overwhelmed with wedding planning.
(d) A sense of darkness and fear.

13. What is Harker's first impression of Count Dracula?
(a) That he appears to have some kind of speech impediment.
(b) That he has a great sense of humor.
(c) That he is formal and courteous.
(d) That he is rude and impersonal.

14. What are Lucy and Mina writing letters about before Harker returns to town?
(a) How they wish they had boyfriends.
(b) Their annoying children.
(c) The increasing price of bread in the market.
(d) Their upcoming marriages.

15. What does Dracula force Harker to say in the letter he must write during his captivity?
(a) That he needs more money as soon as possible.
(b) That he is very happy with Dracula.
(c) That he no longer wants to marry his fiancée.
(d) That he is going to stay another month in Transylvania.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Mr. Hawkins shortly after Harker and Mina return from abroad?

2. When does Lucy plan to marry Holmwood?

3. When do Mina and Harker get married?

4. What change does Mina notice about Lucy after her sleepwalking episode?

5. When the novel opens, where is Jonathan Harker traveling from?

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