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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Harker react to Van Helsing's assessment of his journals?
(a) He is relieved.
(b) He is overcome with joy.
(c) He never knows that Van Helsing reads his journal.
(d) He is outraged.

2. What does Van Helsing ask from Seward after Lucy's death?
(a) Seward's secrecy about why she died.
(b) Seward's help sneaking the body out.
(c) Seward's help and loyalty in the coming days.
(d) Seward's money to help pay for the funeral.

3. When does Mina end up reading Harker's diary?
(a) She never reads his diary.
(b) After Lucy dies.
(c) While Harker is still in a hospital in Budapest.
(d) Just before Lucy dies.

4. What does Seward take Renfield's sense of self-assurance to mean?
(a) That he is psychic.
(b) That he is in fact insane.
(c) That Dracula has visited him.
(d) That he is a vampire.

5. What happens to Holmwood's father?
(a) He comes to see Lucy one last time.
(b) He dies.
(c) He flees in the night; no one knows what happens to him.
(d) He recovers.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what form is Seward's diary recorded?

2. Who does Renfield keep claiming to speak to during his escape from the asylum?

3. What does the telegram from Mina (to the vampire-hunting team) say about Dracula?

4. Once the team learns that Dracula is back on land, how do Mina and Van Helsing plan to catch him?

5. What kind of feeling is overwhelming Lucy while Mina is in Budapest?

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