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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During their late night chats when Harker is being held hostage, what country's laws does Count Dracula seem particularly interested in?
(a) Transylvania's.
(b) Romania's.
(c) America's.
(d) England's.

2. What kind of strange room does Harker find in Dracula's home that he later takes a nap in?
(a) A room with a fireplace that finally has some heat in it.
(b) A room off the barn that has a secret passage.
(c) A very pleasant and relaxing room.
(d) A basement that has been decorated and furnished very nicely.

3. Who reveals to Dracula that Harker has tried to communicate with people outside of Dracula's home?
(a) The woman doing Harker's laundry.
(b) The gypsies.
(c) Dracula's coach driver.
(d) Dracula's servant.

4. Who comes to see Lucy right before she dies?
(a) Holmwood.
(b) Van Helsing.
(c) Mina.
(d) Dracula.

5. What strange ship does Mina see entering the harbor while she is visiting Lucy?
(a) A ship with Harker's family crest on the mast.
(b) An American cruise ship.
(c) A Russian ship.
(d) A small rowboat full of lots of people.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mina?

2. What features does the figure hovering over Lucy have when she is out sleepwalking?

3. What are Lucy and Mina writing letters about before Harker returns to town?

4. To whom does Dracula request Harker write a letter to during his captivity?

5. When the novel opens, where is Jonathan Harker traveling from?

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