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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What frequent activity do Lucy and Mind engage in during Mina's visit?
(a) Writing letters to their fiancés.
(b) Getting pedicures.
(c) Taking frequent walks.
(d) Cooking big meals together.

2. When Mina is visiting Lucy, why does Mina become increasingly anxious about Harker?
(a) Because she has heard rumors that he's having an affair.
(b) Because she hasn't heard from him in a while.
(c) Because she is falling in love with someone else and wants to talk to him.
(d) Because she decides she doesn't want to marry him anymore and wants to tell him.

3. What does Professor Van Helsing decide must be done as a treatment for Lucy?
(a) She needs blood transfusions.
(b) She needs to be on bed rest to protect the baby.
(c) She can eat nothing but vegetables for a week.
(d) She must be force-fed.

4. Who volunteers to help with Lucy's first medical treatment at the hands of Professor Van Helsing?
(a) Mina.
(b) Harker.
(c) Dr. John Seward.
(d) Arthur Holmwood.

5. How is St. George's Day first described in the novel?
(a) As a "stoic and silent day of penance" for all adults.
(b) As a "celebratory day of feasting" when people get married.
(c) When "all evil things in the world will have their sway."
(d) As a "fun and joyous holiday" for everyone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Dracula to go into a "demonic fury" while he is watching Harker shave during Harker's first visit to Dracula's home?

2. What is the state of Count Dracula's home at first glance?

3. What living things does Renfield eat?

4. What makes Harker realize he is Dracula's prisoner at the end of Chapter 2?

5. What items does Harker use the first time he tries to kill Dracula?

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