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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Harker at the end of Chapter 3, when he sees a remarkable scene between Dracula and some of his "guests"?
(a) He decides to become a vampire, too.
(b) He frees himself by jumping out the window.
(c) He falls unconscious.
(d) He goes insane.

2. Despite his injuries, what does Renfield manage to tell the vampire-hunting team about Mina?
(a) That she has been kidnapped.
(b) That she fled in the night.
(c) That she is dead.
(d) That she was with Dracula.

3. Whose marriage proposal does Lucy accept?
(a) Arthur Holmwood's.
(b) She accepts no marriage proposals.
(c) Mr. Quincey Morris'.
(d) Dr. John Seward's.

4. What does Holmwood offer Mina as thanks for her comfort during his grieving process?
(a) All of his money and property.
(b) All of his property.
(c) All of his money.
(d) A lifetime of brotherly devotion.

5. Where do Seward and Van Helsing hide on the first night they visit Lucy's tomb?
(a) In special boxes they built that were well hidden.
(b) In the chapel next to her tomb.
(c) In the trees next to her tomb.
(d) In the churchyard.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Holmwood and Morris think about Renfield after they meet him?

2. Who does Renfield keep claiming to speak to during his escape from the asylum?

3. Where does Lucy live when Mina goes to visit her?

4. Why does Van Helsing want Mina to visit after Lucy's death?

5. Who awakens Harker from his nap when the Count is supposedly away from his home?

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