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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Harker's first impression of Count Dracula?
(a) That he has a great sense of humor.
(b) That he is formal and courteous.
(c) That he appears to have some kind of speech impediment.
(d) That he is rude and impersonal.

2. Where does Dracula's name come from?
(a) It's just a word Stoker made up on his own.
(b) The French "dracier," which means to live forever.
(c) The Latin "draco," which means both "dragon" and "evil."
(d) The Spanish "dracar," which means to suck blood.

3. Why does Mina go to Budapest?
(a) To visit her sick mother.
(b) To marry Harker.
(c) To take care of Harker.
(d) To try to meet Dracula for herself.

4. How does Harker deal with realizing he is being held captive by Dracula?
(a) He stays calms and begins planning.
(b) He refuses to come out of his room.
(c) He considers how he can kill himself.
(d) He panics and yells all the time.

5. What big project are Seward and Mina working on?
(a) A chronology of events relating to the vampires.
(b) A very large, elaborate funeral for Lucy.
(c) A monthly newsletter for the asylum residents.
(d) A research journal about tuberculosis in London.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Van Helsing flash at the Count to make him disappear while he is with Mina and Harker?

2. What object does Dracula flee with after attacking the vampire-hunting team?

3. What animal has reportedly escaped from a local zoo?

4. Who is Lucy?

5. Who attacks Seward with a knife during Lucy's illness?

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