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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of feeling is overwhelming Lucy while Mina is in Budapest?
(a) A sense of darkness and fear.
(b) She is worried because she has no feelings anymore.
(c) A sense of happiness.
(d) A feeling of being overwhelmed with wedding planning.

2. During their late night chats when Harker is being held hostage, what country's laws does Count Dracula seem particularly interested in?
(a) Romania's.
(b) America's.
(c) England's.
(d) Transylvania's.

3. What do Van Helsing and Seward discover in Lucy's tomb the first time they visit it?
(a) That someone has been leaving letters for Lucy inside the tomb.
(b) That Lucy's coffin is empty.
(c) That a dummy has been put in the coffin instead of Lucy.
(d) That Lucy's tomb has been robbed.

4. Who is forbidden to kiss Lucy right before she dies?
(a) Van Helsing.
(b) Seward.
(c) Holmwood.
(d) Harker.

5. What is the status of Holmwood's father's health while Mina is in Budapest?
(a) He is very ill with a bad heart.
(b) He is going insane.
(c) He is dying.
(d) He has tuberculosis.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the source of Seward's depression?

2. What frequent activity do Lucy and Mind engage in during Mina's visit?

3. Who awakens Harker from his nap when the Count is supposedly away from his home?

4. How does Harker deal with realizing he is being held captive by Dracula?

5. What happens to Mr. Hawkins shortly after Harker and Mina return from abroad?

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