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Chapter 1

• One of the novels main characters, Jonathan Harker, leaves Munich on a journey to Transylvania to conduct business for Count Dracula.

• Along the way, the landlord of an inn and the landlord's wife seem gravely concerned for Harker's health and safety. The wife gives Harker a crucifix. He dismisses them as silly and superstitious.

• On the last leg of his journey, he meets Dracula's driver. The driver is a suspicious and ominous character.

• The coach ride to Dracula's castle is very eventful. The driver seems to have unusual control over the horses and there are strange blue flames flickering along the road. At one point, the driver disappears and the carriage (with Harker in it) is surrounded by wolves. The driver returns, seems to command the wolves away, and then takes Harker to the castle.

• Harker is a little afraid but relieved to reach their final destination...

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