Downright Dencey Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Caroline Dale Snedeker
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1. What season is arriving at the beginning of the book?


2. What are the boys playing as the book opens?


3. How does Dencey's dress get a mark on it?

She brushed up against a cask.

4. Who is Hopestill?

Dencey's friend.

5. Where does Dencey's father work?

The West coast.

6. Who are the Fragmenters?

Boys from the Fragment Society School.

7. What do the boys on the street call Dencey?


8. Why does Dencey get mad at the boys on the street?

They taunt Hopestill.

9. What names does Sammie Jetsam call Dencey?

Darkie and Portugee Girl.

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