Daily Lessons for Teaching Downright Dencey

Caroline Dale Snedeker
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Lesson 1 (from Book I, Chapters 1-3)


Book I, Chapters 1-3

This novel is in the historical fiction genre. The objective of this lesson is to understand historical fiction.


1) Class Discussion: Lead the class in a discussion of historical fiction. Have the students compare and contrast the real life of Dencey Cottyn and her family with that of people who actually lived during the the early 1800s in New England. What similarities do they find? What differences do they see? How closely does the author mirror the real people in Nantucket who made their living from the sea? What liberties does the author take with the fictional Dencey?

2) Group Discussion: Divide the class into small groups and have them research the concept of historical novels. Historical fiction is usually based on events which have occurred in the distant past. Why would Caroline Dale Snedeker be drawn to this topic? Why did she...

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