Downright Dencey Character Descriptions

Caroline Dale Snedeker
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Dionis Dencey Coffyn

She is a young Quaker girl living in Nantucket in the early 1800s.

Sammie Jetsam

He is a boy who lives on Injun Hill and is ridiculed because of his mixed heritage.

Tom Coffyn

He is a captain of a whaling ship.


She is Dencey's best friend.

North Water Street Children

They are the children who attend the new Coffin School for privileged children.


This is the nickname of the boys who attend a certain school.

Lydia Coffyn

She is a wife and mother who has the task of taking care of her family in the absence of her husband who is out on the West Coast looking for whales.

Injun Jill

She is an alcoholic woman who lives on the edge of town.


These are the main religious leaders in the story.


His wife dies while he is out to...

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