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John Patrick Shanley
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Father O'Rourke say to the woman after she responds to his second request?

2. What is Mrs. Muller's main concern about Donald?

3. At the end of Scene 7, who does Father Flynn tell to be quiet?

4. What does Father Flynn tell Sister James could happen to Sister Aloysius if her accusations became known?

5. Sister Aloysius says she will do what needs to be done even if it means what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Sister Aloysius believe about Father Flynn's resignation from St. Nicholas?

2. What shocks Sister James about Sister Aloysius' call to Father Flynn's prior parish?

3. In Scene 9, what reason does Sister James give Sister Aloysius for being unable to sleep?

4. In Scene 7, why does Father Flynn say Sister Aloysius doesn't really care about the children?

5. What about the crow in Scene 7 reminds the audience of Sister Aloysius?

6. In the second part of Scene 8, what does Father Flynn say is the real reason Sister Aloysius is after him?

7. In Scene 7, why does Father Flynn say that the truth makes for a poor sermon?

8. In Scene 8, why does Mrs. Muller think she may have come to Sister Aloysius' office on the wrong day?

9. Why does Father O'Rourke tell the gossipy woman to take a pillow to the roof in Father Flynn's sermon?

10. What does Mrs. Muller say is the real reason Mr. Muller beat Donald?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Doubt: A Parable contains several instances of symbolism, such as Father Flynn's fingernails, the crows harassing Father Flynn, the pruning of the rosebush, etc. Choose two symbols from the play. Discuss what each of them represents and provide evidence from the play.

Essay Topic 2

Sister James has undergone a major change by the end of the play. She begins the play as an enthusiastic and compassionate teacher, but one who follows what others tell her. What has changed about her by the end of the play? How did these changes come about?

Essay Topic 3

Scene 6 is extremely short, yet it serves an important purpose in the play. What is the purpose of Scene 6? Why does this brief scene work so well to achieve the author's purpose?

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