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John Patrick Shanley
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Father Flynn's childhood acquaintance, Timmy Mathisson?
(a) He was horribly disfigured.
(b) He grew up to be a doctor.
(c) He died a horrible death.
(d) He lost all his friends.

2. What does does Sister Aloysius say you're doing when you confront wrong doing?
(a) Performing a good deed.
(b) Taking a risk.
(c) Taking a step away from God.
(d) Standing up for the rights of others.

3. In Father Flynn's opening sermon, he mentions what event that happened the year before the play takes place?
(a) President Kennedy's assassination.
(b) The Supreme Court's Miranda decision.
(c) France performs an underground nuclear test.
(d) The release of the first Beatles album.

4. In Scene 3, what does Father Flynn tell the boys to do after getting dressed?
(a) Report back to the gym.
(b) Go do their homework.
(c) Go to the rectory for kool aid and cookies.
(d) Get to class.

5. What does Father Flynn tell the boys that a routine will do for them?
(a) Keep them organized.
(b) Win basketball games.
(c) Help them get better grades.
(d) Keep them from tensing up.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the sailor in Father Flynn's sermon on doubt believe he may have once seen and has to hold on to without further reassurance?

2. According to Sister Aloysius, what is a form of laziness?

3. What does Sister Aloysius say happened to her husband?

4. In Scene 4, who does Sister Aloysius say founded their order?

5. What does Sister Aloysius say is dying across the country?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Sister Aloysius think William London is headed for trouble?

2. Why does Father O'Rourke tell the gossipy woman to take a pillow to the roof in Father Flynn's sermon?

3. How do we know that this play is set in 1964?

4. In Scene 5, what makes Father Flynn have an idea to preach a sermon on intolerance?

5. Why does Father Flynn say it is okay for him to wear his nails a little long?

6. How is the sermon Father Flynn preaches in Scene 6 symbolic?

7. When Father Flynn comes to Sister Aloysius' office in the second part of Scene 8, why does she tell him he can't come in?

8. In the second part of Scene 8, what reason does Father Flynn suggest for Donald's odd behavior?

9. In Scene 7, what indications does Sister James give that she takes Father Flynn's sermons very seriously?

10. Why does Father Flynn tell the boys about his childhood acquaintance Timmy Mathisson?

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