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John Patrick Shanley
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Scene 4 take place?
(a) In the garden.
(b) In Sister Aloysius' office.
(c) On the front lawn of the school.
(d) In the gym.

2. What does Sister Aloysius say Sister James will trade for a warm look?
(a) Her heart.
(b) Her pride.
(c) Anything.
(d) Her prized possession.

3. Where does Sister James say Father Flynn took Donald Muller alone?
(a) The rectory.
(b) The gym.
(c) A movie.
(d) A restaurant.

4. What happens after the sailor sets his course in the parable of the sailor?
(a) The raft sinks.
(b) A ship comes along.
(c) He is eaten by a shark.
(d) The sky clouds up.

5. In Scene 3, what does Father Flynn say some of the boys have?
(a) Dirty shoes.
(b) Dirty hair.
(c) Dirty uniforms.
(d) Dirty fingernails.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Sister Aloysius react to Father Flynn's reason for meeting privately with Donald Muller?

2. What Christmas song does Sister Aloysius say is heretical?

3. What does Father Flynn tell the boys that a routine will do for them?

4. In Scene 4, what does Sister Aloysius say it is her job to do?

5. What happened to Father Flynn's childhood acquaintance, Timmy Mathisson?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Scene 2, what is Sister Aloysius talking about when she asks: what good is a gift when it is left in the box?

2. Why is Sister Aloysius anxious at the beginning of Scene 5?

3. In Scene 5, when Father Flynn says that the sound of the wind must have been very lonely in frontier days, under what circumstance does Sister Aloysius say it would be lonely?

4. Why does Sister Aloysius want to see Sister James become more self-confident?

5. In Scene 4, why is Sister Aloysius trying to protect the rosebush from frost even though there hasn't been any frost?

6. Why is Sister Aloysius so certain that someone will hit Donald Muller?

7. Why does Sister Aloysius think William London is headed for trouble?

8. Why does Sister Aloysius say that it makes sense for Father Flynn to take interest in Donald Muller?

9. Why does Sister Aloysius say she cannot close her eyes to the situation with Father Flynn and Donald Muller?

10. According to Father Flynn, how did President Kennedy's death bring people together?

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