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John Patrick Shanley
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens after the sailor sets his course in the parable of the sailor?
(a) A ship comes along.
(b) The raft sinks.
(c) The sky clouds up.
(d) He is eaten by a shark.

2. Who tripped over the broken branch?
(a) Sister Aloysius.
(b) Sister Veronica.
(c) Father Flynn.
(d) Sister James.

3. Who takes sugar in their tea during the meeting between Sister Aloysius, Father Flynn, and Sister James?
(a) Sister Aloysius.
(b) Father Flynn.
(c) Sister Veronica.
(d) Sister James.

4. According to Father Flynn, what do you do with your teammates during a basketball game?
(a) Play as an individual.
(b) Cooperate.
(c) Share the ball.
(d) Stay out of the way.

5. What does Sister Aloysius say boys are made of?
(a) Gravel, soot, and tar paper.
(b) Sticks and stones.
(c) God's good intentions.
(d) Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Sister Aloysius, what is a form of laziness?

2. What does Father Flynn tell the boys girls will do if you approach them with "filthy paws?"

3. Who is described as having a bit of sunshine in his/her heart, but reserved?

4. What observation does Sister Aloysius make about Father Flynn's hands during their meeting in Scene 5?

5. In Scene 3, what is Father Flynn wearing?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Scene 5, what two things about Father Flynn shock Sister Aloysius?

2. Why does Father Flynn compare the sailor's despair to a crisis of faith?

3. According to Father Flynn, how did President Kennedy's death bring people together?

4. Why does Father Flynn say it is dangerous to think at the foul line?

5. What does Father Flynn tell the boys is different about shooting from the foul line versus the rest of the basketball game?

6. How do we know that this play is set in 1964?

7. Why is Sister Aloysius anxious at the beginning of Scene 5?

8. In Scene 2, what does Sister Aloysius refer to when she says that every easy choice today has a consequence tomorrow?

9. Why is Sister Aloysius so certain that someone will hit Donald Muller?

10. When Sister Aloysius says good teachers are never content, what does she mean?

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