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John Patrick Shanley
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the sailor in Father Flynn's sermon on doubt believe he may have once seen and has to hold on to without further reassurance?
(a) Truth.
(b) God.
(c) Land.
(d) His home.

2. What is Sister James' response when Sister Aloysius asks her if Donald Muller is being accepted.
(a) He is well liked.
(b) He is class president.
(c) He has a few friends.
(d) He has no friends.

3. In Scene 4, what does Sister Aloysius say that she wouldn't mind being?
(a) Wrong.
(b) A man.
(c) Married.
(d) The basketball coach.

4. Who is described as having a bit of sunshine in his/her heart, but reserved?
(a) Donald Muller.
(b) Father Flynn.
(c) Sister Aloysius.
(d) Sister James.

5. What does Father Flynn tell Ralph he thinks is funny?
(a) Ralph's last name.
(b) That Ralph never gets a foul shot.
(c) That Ralph's shorts are too short.
(d) Ralph is sitting on the bench.

6. In which place does Sister Aloysius says innocence is wisdom?
(a) Only in a world without evil.
(b) Only in the church.
(c) Only in heaven.
(d) Only in a school.

7. What does Sister Aloysius say causes nuns to fall like dominoes?
(a) Their uncomfortable shoes.
(b) Their habits catch on things.
(c) They are always looking up.
(d) They are clumsy people.

8. What does Sister Aloysius say happened to her husband?
(a) He died in a car accident.
(b) He died from cancer.
(c) He was killed in World War II.
(d) He left her.

9. In Scene 4, what does Sister Aloysius say she thinks Monsignor Benedict does not know?
(a) Who the principal of the school is.
(b) The location of the White House.
(c) Who is President of the United States.
(d) What Father Flynn teaches.

10. In Scene 3, what does Father Flynn say some of the boys have?
(a) Dirty hair.
(b) Dirty fingernails.
(c) Dirty uniforms.
(d) Dirty shoes.

11. What does Sister Aloysius say will have its consequence tomorrow?
(a) Every good deed.
(b) Every easy choice.
(c) Father Flynn's sermon.
(d) Sister James' good teaching.

12. What does Father Flynn say the boys must do at the free throw line?
(a) Dribble the ball.
(b) Stand up straight.
(c) Follow a routine
(d) Pray.

13. What is Sister Aloysius' function at the school?
(a) She teaches literature.
(b) She is principal.
(c) She is in charge of the infirmary.
(d) She teaches history.

14. What is Sister James' reaction when Sister Aloysius tells her she was married before she took her vows?
(a) Happiness.
(b) Anger.
(c) Astonishment.
(d) Confusion.

15. What does Father Flynn say was his reason for meeting with Donald Muller?
(a) Donald had a question about the religion class.
(b) He caught Donald drinking the communion wine.
(c) He wanted to discuss Donald's poor grades.
(d) Donald was being bullied.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Scene 4, what does Sister Aloysius say it is her job to do?

2. At the end of Scene 5, who does Sister Aloysius call?

3. Besides taking the students for ice cream, what other trip does Father Flynn suggest for the boys?

4. In Scene 3, what is Father Flynn wearing?

5. What does Sister Aloysius say Sister James will trade for a warm look?

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