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John Patrick Shanley
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Scene 8, Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When he comes on the scene in Scene 7, what does Father Flynn think he is interrupting?
(a) Sister Aloysius' phone call.
(b) Sister James' prayer.
(c) Sister James' sleep.
(d) Sister James' class.

2. What does Sister Aloysius say she did before Father Flynn came to her office in Scene 8?
(a) Talked to the Monsignor.
(b) Prayed.
(c) Talked to Donald.
(d) Called Father Flynn's last parish.

3. What did the woman who gossiped in Father Flynn's sermon do the night after she gossiped?
(a) Told the man she'd gossiped about him.
(b) Slept well.
(c) Had a dream.
(d) Left town.

4. What does Father Flynn say about his fingernails?
(a) They are long, but clean.
(b) He needs to cut them.
(c) He gets manicures.
(d) He likes to chew them.

5. What did Father O'Rourke tell the woman to do when she returned home after the second time he spoke with her?
(a) Leave town.
(b) Tell the person she'd gossiped about what she'd done.
(c) Pick up the feathers.
(d) Give money to the church.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Father Flynn's opening sermon, he mentions what event that happened the year before the play takes place?

2. In which place does Sister Aloysius says innocence is wisdom?

3. In Scene 6, who does the man in Father Flynn's sermon represent?

4. What reason did the woman give for her response to Father O'Rourke's second request?

5. As the days roll on, what does the sailor in Father Flynn's sermon start to have?

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