Objects & Places from Doubt

John Patrick Shanley
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These stories are used to teach lessons about morality, spirituality, and/or behavior. They are often used in the New Testament in the teachings of Christ.

St. Nicholas Church / Convent / School

This is the institution in which the play is set.

Sister Aloysius' Office

This is the specific room where most of the confrontations between the two main characters take place.

The Courtyard

This is the small garden where many of the characters contemplate or experience feelings of doubt.

The Rectory

This is the home of the priest accused of molestation; none of the play's actions are set here, but it is the place where private encounters between the priest and the boys take place.

Father Flynn's Fingernails

This feature is one that serves to symbolize the different and more advanced perspectives of the priest who is accused of molestation.

Tea and Sugar

These are things the...

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