Doubt Fun Activities

John Patrick Shanley
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Time Period Research

What was America like at the time in which this play is set? Conduct some research using the Internet, books, and/or interviews with people who remember the time period. What major events were happening in the world? What were the fashion styles? What were some popular pastimes for high school students? What movies were playing? What music were people listening to?

Rules of the Church

Conduct research to identify some of the rules that nuns and priests must follow. Make a list of rules for priests and a list for nuns.

Character Art

What does Sister Aloysius look like? Draw, paint, or sculpt what you think Sister Aloysius looks like. Be sure to include features that you think show her personality.

St. Nicholas Model

Create a model of St. Nicholas, the Catholic school in which the play is set, using Popsicle sticks, clay, or...

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