Doubt Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Patrick Shanley
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Scene 1

• Father Flynn delivers a sermon about doubt.

• Flynn suggests doubt can be unifying, powerful, and sustaining.

• Flynn uses the assassination of Kennedy and a parable about a sailor to illustrate his point.

Scene 2

• Sister Aloysius is in her office working on a ledger when Sister James arrives.

• Sister James inquires about a student named William who left school with a bloody nose.

• Sister Aloysius believes William deliberately harmed himself and is a troublemaker.

• The sisters discuss other students, including Donald Muller whom Sister Aloysius believes will be the target of bullying.

• Sister Aloysius warns Sister James against teaching new ideas and showing too much enthusiasm.

• The conversation turns to Father Flynn and Sister Aloysius wonders if he's in doubt himself.

• When Sister James suggests Sister Aloysius ask Flynn if he's in doubt, Sister Aloysius says it's improper to speak to a male superior about such things.

• Sister...

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