Double Standards Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Judith McNaught
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Chapter 1

• Lauren Danner is a young woman who has come to Detroit to find a job to help pay for her father's medical bills.

• Philip Whitworth, a distant relative of Lauren's father's, offers Lauren a job to spy on one of his competitors, Sinco.

Chapter 2

• Lauren gets a job interview at Sinco but changes her mind about spying for Philip and intentionally botches her employment test and interview.

• After the interview, Lauren takes a shortcut through a construction site, trips and falls, and meets Nick Sinclair who offers assistance.

• Lauren has the impression that Nick is an engineer who works for Global Industries.

• Nick escorts Lauren out of the building and promises to put in a good word for her regarding the job at Sinco.

• Lauren drives to the Whitworths' home to have dinner and to tell Philip that she is probably not going to get the job...

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