Doomsday Book Character Descriptions

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Kivrin Engle

A historian and student at Oxford University in the year 2054, this character travels back in time to the Middle Ages.

James Dunworthy

A historian and teacher at Oxford, this character is Kivrin's unofficial tutor and worries greatly over her decision to travel into the 1300s.


Mary's twelve-year-old great-nephew this character is on his way to spend Christmas with Mary when the quarantine is put into effect.


This character is the youngest daughter of the household where Kivrin is taken after her arrival in the 1300s.

Mary Ahrens

This character is a physician and good friend of Dunworthy.

Lupe Montoya

This character is an archaeologist who is overseeing a dig in which the church yard at Skendgate.


This character is apparently about thirteen years old and is betrothed to an older man named Sir Bloet.

Father Roche

This character is the priest for the...

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